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Overview of Vertical & Horizontal Blinds

Making the right choice between horizontal blinds and vertical blinds (especially for those of you unacquainted with these types of window treatments) can be simplified with a basic overview. The variety of window covering types offered on the market today can, indeed, be a cause of confusion. People searching for the most functional, and practical blinds have to approach the matter seriously if they want to be certain to make the right choice. Horizontal window blinds, consist of a set of horizontal slats connected with a string ladder and pull cords. Their easy lift system allows you to lower or lift them without effort. Rotating slats, which you can position at any angle (up and down), serve to protect the inside of your rooms from curious passers-by and the damaging influences of sun rays to your furniture. Vertical window blinds consist of a set of vertical vanes (louvers, panels, slats), which can be traversed from the left to the right side of your window or vice versa (depending on the side of your chain mechanism). Vanes can also be rotated from left to right.

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