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Energy Efficient Solar Shades

Solar shades are one of the most effective window treatments for your home for lowering energy bills by stopping the heat transfer through your windows and doors while still maintaining your view. Window film, interior products, or awnings cannot compete with the energy efficiency of solar shades. Solar shades come in 90% to 97% factor, which means they block 90% to 97% of the heat transfer and are incredibly pet resistant pvc coated polyester material. What color of solar shades should you choose? The darker colors are more efficient and also have the best view. However there are many different colors and you should pick the color you will be most happy with. Additional benefits include reduced carpet and drape fading. Also, since solar shades do not come in contact with the glass, they help prolong the life of the insulated glass on your windows by not allowing the searing heat to build up and cause the window seals to break.

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