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Why Faux Wood Blinds?

Faux wood blinds are one of the best alternatives for wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds can withstand humidity and dampness so they can be used even in bathroom and kitchen. Scratches and nicks are not shown prominently on faux wood. It is very easy to maintain faux and they are durable. So it is suitable for houses with children. Wood blinds are quite expensive and heavy which causes problems with lifting. They are prone to scratches and nicks. They are not suitable for areas like bathrooms and kitchen with high humidity. They result in deforming, mildew or mold. 1 Call Interior Services only sells faux wood for this reason. We have a lifetime warranty on our products, so we want to make sure they will hold up under any condition. Alternative wood, wood-like and poly wood are other names for faux wood. But it is commonly known as faux and sellers know it only by this name. Most of the popular sizes available in blinds are 2 inch and 2 1/2 inches.

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