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Advantages of Aluminum Mini-Blinds

Today's mini blinds offer a sleek streamlined look and many advantages that work well in virtually any room. One advantage about mini blinds that is popular is that they can be used in combination with various other window coverings or stand alone for a clean-lined look. Mini blinds come in wide selection of sizes (1 in. & 2 in widths), hues and finishes that allow you to create a beautiful and custom environment for your room. Another advantage is that they provide excellent privacy and are a very effective means in controlling direct sunlight and glare. Aluminum mini blinds provide a low cost, durable solution with the largest color selection. The higher the gauge of the aluminum slat (such as the 8 gauge we use ) the thicker and more durable they are, which means that the chance of permanent bending or denting is lowered. They are also well suited to rooms with high-humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They are easy to clean, durable and highly resistant to sun bleaching. For more information you can check us out at or call/text/email us to arrange a free in-home estimate.

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