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Vertical Blinds - A Affordable Solution to Sound Issues in Your Home or Office

Vertical blinds can make an affordable solution to sound issues your home or offices. One reason is that you can maintain more coverage over the window opening with vertical blinds because you have options to opening them. When you use the vertical blinds, you can adjust the slats to the sides, and open or close them as desired. The window opening can remain fully covered, unless you decide to pull the window blinds open to one side or from the center to the sides. By keeping the window area covered with the slats, you are adding a sound buffer to the window space. Being able to keep the slats over the entire window area instead of exposing window glass with open window blinds allows less sound to enter the room. Best of all, the vertical blinds are affordable! and they can fit a larger variety of windows, especially extra wide and tall windows. They will be much less in cost than custom curtain treatments. The window blinds will allow light into a room, where a curtain can only be either open or closed. You can keep the vertical blinds closed, but adjust the slats to allow light into the room, and then fully close the slat angles when you want more sound or light control. To arrange a free in-home estimate you can call/text us at (352) 238-1678 or email us at

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