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What Are Roller Shades?

Roller shades are just one variety of window covering that are popular in homes and offices today. So, what are they? Simply put, roller shades are a type of window covering with a rolling mechanism. It is fitted to the upper part of the window and usually constructed from vinyl or screen type solar fabric. Ultimately, the shade will roll up into a tube so that you can have your window exposed, or you can roll it down to improve privacy or light control. There are a few different types of roller shades, but they all function in a similar way. A valance is a decorative accent that serves to hide the top bar of the shade. Roller shades are also sometimes accented along the bottom of the shade with a fringe, or even scalloped edges. They can be manual or automatic. With manual shades, you gently pull the chain on the side of the shade to engage the rolling mechanism and cover the window. Automatic shades feature a motor and usually are controlled with a remote or push-button mechanism. Roller shades represent distinctly modern design elements that are a practical, yet stylish addition to contemporary rooms. Because they are easy to operate, they have become a popular choice in many homes and offices today. Moreover, roller shades are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns so they can blend easily with any design choice. You can even purchase shades constructed from a variety of materials so you're sure to find something to suit your tastes.To arrange a free in-home estimate you can call/text us at (352) 238-1678 or email us at

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