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Pros and Cons of Cordless Cellular Shades With Top Down - Bottom Up

You want more information before you make a decision whether they're right for you, So I will review some of the pros and cons of this window covering. Cordless cellular shades have improved so much recently that most retailers have added the top down bottom up feature. Since the top down - bottom up feature was added, it allows you to have a window covering where you can maintain your privacy by having the lower portion of your window covered while letting light in through the top. I install them a lot in bedrooms, bathrooms and first floor windows. Pros: *Clean look because there are no cords and one of the safest window covering for children *Great for pets as well, no danglely cords for the cats to play with. *Much lighter than other window treatments like a wood blind for example. *Great solution for rooms where you want to maintain your privacy and still be able to see out and let light in. Cons: *More expensive than regular cellular shades. *If you have tall windows where you cannot reach the top then you also won't be able to operate the top portion of the shade without a step stool. *Hard to operate in hard to reach areas like over a kitchen sink or in laundry room over a washer or dryer. I hope this article helped bring to light some of the pros and cons of cordless cellular shades with the top down - bottom up feature. To arrange a free in-home estimate you can call/text us at (352) 238-1678 or email us at

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