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Why Faux Wood Blinds Are The Right Choice

1) If you need an extremely durable blind -

. For homeowners with children or pets, faux wood blinds may be a wise selection.

2) If your window is exposed to moisture - Faux wood blinds are not subject to warping in the way that wood blinds might be. This makes them an ideal selection for bathroom or kitchen windows.

3) If you expect them to require routine cleaning - While wood blinds can be cleaned rather easily, they can’t necessarily be cleaned in the same no-worries manner that faux wood blinds can be cleaned. Faux wood blinds are more resistant to harsh chemicals, making them just a little easier to clean.

4) If you have a tighter budget - Faux wood horizontals come with a lower price tag than do wood blinds, and at 1 Call Interiors are truly custom blinds. Call us at (352) 238-1678 to set up a Free In-Home Consultation.

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