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Insulating Properties of Vertical Blinds.

The insulating features of vertical blinds are very understandable. Basically, you can totally close and cover the whole window area, offering a better barrier for energy efficiency. By covering to all edges of the window opening, you diminish drafts, and seal the cooler (or hotter) air in the pocket between the window blinds and the windows. These are excellent window coverings, which have been available in the market for many years and have seen a recent resurgence in demand. Vertical window blinds can also make a short window look tall, a slightly undersized window appear larger by installing outside the frame, and using full-height panels. By hanging vertically, the window blinds can add dimension to a room just by their looks. The slats can turn as much as 180 degrees from side to side, presenting you various light settings for your room. You can reflect sun rays to side walls, or close them out entirely. You can open them to the midpoint setting, allowing the most sunlight in while retaining privacy. The bottom line is the insulating properties of vertical blinds will save you money on heating and air conditioning costs. Give 1 Call Interior Services a Call at (352) 238-1678 to see how we can keep you comfortable at affordable Factory Direct Prices!

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