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Choosing the Right Color for Your Blinds in Spring Hill, Florida

There are as many different color window blinds as there are colors in the rainbow. When you are preparing to decorate your home, office, apartment or even RV with window blinds, the first question is ‘”what color should I choose?” In order to help narrow it down, you should first decide if you want to work with neutral colors, bold colors, complimentary colors or contrasting colors. My advice is to head into the room you want to decorate or re-decorate. Identify what you like about the room and what you don’t like. If there is a piece of furniture that you love, notice the colors in that piece Are they warm colors like red, orange, browns, or cool colors like shades of blue, black or grey? By choosing a window blind that is similar in color to a specific piece of furniture in the room, you will draw the eye to both the window covering, which is on eye level as you walk into the room as well as your favorite piece of furniture. If you buy window treatments that are a shade off from other colors in the room, there may be a sense of disconnect in the design. Many people choose to go with a neutral color so they don’t have to worry about matching current decor in the home. Neutral colors include white, cream, ivory, off-white, wood stained blinds and shades of beige. The purpose of a neutral blind is to make sure the eye isn’t distracted by the window treatments when a person enters a room. If you own a rental property, neutral colored blinds are always recommended, as they will go with almost any furniture or style. For older homes, cellular shades can help provide added insulation to help reduce energy costs and prevent drafts from around the windows. Bold colors are going to draw the eye to them. This means that when a person walks into the room, the window treatments will most likely be the first thing they see. This is great if you have dramatic views that you want people to notice first. A bold color can brighten up a bland room and make it more visually interesting. One example might be a very stark design of black and white. Contrasting colors can also work in a room, however you want to work with complimentary contrasting colors, or opposites on a color wheel. This keeps the person in the room intrigued and engaged with the design. No matter what you choose for your window blinds, have fun with it. The end result you want is a room you like spending time in. The beauty of window treatments is they can change the look and feel of a room without the exorbitant price tag of a complete remodel.


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